Flavor Catalog - Nanak Bakery

Cake Sizes

6 Inch Round8 Inch Round10 Inch Round12 Inch Round
Serves 8 - 9Serves 12 - 15Serves 25 - 30Serves 50 - 60

Quarter SheetHalf SheetFull Sheet
Serves 25 - 30Serves 50 - 60Serves 100 - 120

Chocolate Ganach-Chocolate cake
-Chocolate cream
-Rich ganach glazed around the outside
(Thousand leaves)
-Layers of mille feulles
-Vanilla cream
Chocolate Mocha-Chocolate cake
-Mocha(coffee) cream
Tiramisu-Marble vanilla and chocolate cake soaked in coffee syrup
-Coffee cream
Black Forest-Chocolate cake
-Vanilla cream
-Cherry filling
Fruit Custard-Vanilla cake
-Vanilla cream
-Mixture of pineapples, strawberries, oranges and peaches on top
Carrot Cake-Carrot cake
-Cream cheese filling
Chocolate Almond-Chocolate cake
-Almond cream
Chocolate RaspberryChocolate cake
-Chocolate cream
-Raspberry filling
Red Velvet-Red velvet cake
-Cream cheese filling(traditional) or cream of choice
Three Milk Cake
(Tres Leches)
-Vanilla or chocolate cake soaked in milk
-Your choice of cream
Banana Cream-Chocolate or vanilla cake
-Banana flavored cream
Banana Walnut-Chocolate or vanilla cake
-Vanilla cream
-Banana and walnut chunks in cream
Vanilla Rollette-Vanilla sponge roll
-Vanilla cream
White Chocolate Cream-Chocolate or vanilla cake
-White chocolate cream
-Fruits like raspberries added upon request
Pistachio-Pistachio cake
-Pistachio cream
Lemon Cream-Chocolate or vanilla cake
-Lemon cream
Mint Chocolate Ganach-Chocolate cake
-Mint chocolate cream
-Mint chocolate ganach glazed around outside
Mixed Fruit-Vanilla cake
-Vanilla cream
-Fresh strawberries, pineapples and oranges in center
Mango Cream-Vanilla cake
-Mango cream
-Chunks of mango
Rose Cream-Vanilla cake
-Rose water cream
-Nuts and/or chocolate shavings added upon request
Tri-Berry-Chocolate or vanilla cake
-Vanilla cream
-Raspberries, strawberries and blackberries
Chocolate Rum-Chocolate rum cake
-Chocolate rum flavored cream
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** We also do Sugar Free, Eggless, Vegan, and Gluten Free cakes.

By order most atarax 25 mg of our regular flavors are also available for eggless, vegan, and gluten free

Cakes may also be made into a smaller single pieces by pre-order .